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The Worlds Oldest and Largest Manufacturer of SNMP Enabled Wired and Wireless Sensors

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Advanced Alarm is main distributor of AKCP products, where AKCP is the worlds leader in remote monitoring solutions. Our Wireless Tunnel™ radio sensor technology gives superior range and excellent penetration within buildings and through obstructions.

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Corporate Overview, About AKCP

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AKCP Product Platforms

Screenshot 2022-11-06 at 10-37-02 AKCP Product Platforms - Remote Sensor Monitoring Device
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If you are spending all that money for monitoring, wouldn’t you like to know your sensors are calibrated?

2x NIST Traceable, Calibrated Sensors in one Stainless Steel Tube
Continuous Calibration check and failover
On SP2+, SPX+ and Wireless Tunnel

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Customizable and expandable Wireless Tunnel Sensor Gateway

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sensorProbe+ Wireless Tunnel Server

– USB 5VDC power input
– 3x sensor ports – 10/100 Ethernet
– Optional 4G cellular modem with external antenna
– Optional GPS with external antenna

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The WTS collects data from up to 30 AKCP Wireless Tunnel™ Sensors. View data via the embedded Web UI or consolidate data from multiple gateways on AKCPro Server


If the WTS is placed in an area you don’t have accessible Ethernet cable for network connection, use the WiFi option to connect with your IP network. WiFi can also function as a hotspot for direct access without a wired or wireless network


For sites that have no internet connection avaialble, the cellular data modem will transmit all your sensor data over the cellular network. In standalone installations, the cellular modem can also be used for sending SMS alerts. With the internal batteries the WTS will remained powered long enough to alert of power outages via SMS


Geolocate your WTS and monitoring locations on AKCPro Server world map. Geofence the device and know when it has moved out of a defined area.

Modbus RS485

Connect your WTS to 3rd party Modbus devices for monitoring generators and other industrial equipment.

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Wireless Temperature and Humidity

Connect up to 30 SP-WT devices to the sensorProbe+ Wireless Tunnel™ Server (SP-WTS), with 4 sensors on each that gives 120 sensors from only 30 radios. The SP-WT is powered by either 3x AAA batteries, or 5VDC USB input. Both can be used with the batteries as a failover power source. It is recommended where possible to power the SP-WT via USB power supply.

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Wireless Sensor Options



Dual temp and humidity sensor with sensor on custom length cable from 1ft up to 15ft.
For custom length order LBTH-xx where xx is cable length.



Dual temp and humidity sensor with sensor on custom length cable from 1ft up to 15ft.
Dry contact input with door contact on custom cable from 1ft to 15ft.
For custom order, LBTHD-xx-yy where xx is THS length and yy is dry contact length.

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Temperature Monitoring for Cold Storage

Monitoring of your cold storage environment is vital to ensure your product is stored at correct temperatures and complies with local food storage regulations, both during storage and in transport. Check that your cold storage environment is within required parameters, receive alerts in advance of any potential problems and log data during transit.

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Warehouse Temperature Monitoring

Wireless Tunnel™ sensors have a long range and low power for battery life of up to 10 years. Distribute sensors around your warehouse and on racking. Sensor data is logged and broadcast at regular intervals to the nearest Wireless Tunnel Sensor Gateway or Wireless Tunnel Repeater.

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DCIM AKCPro Server

AKCPro Server is our central monitoring and management software. Monitor
your infrastructure, whether it be a single building, or remote sites over a wide
geographic area. Integrate third party devices with, Modbus. Support for ONVIF
compatible IP cameras

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AKCP Platforms


SensorProbe SP2+


SensorProbe SPX




SensorProbe SP2+LCD

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sensorProbe2+ (SP2+)

The world’s best selling environmental monitoring platform has been upgraded. Start with a basic package to enable monitoring over a single cabinet. Expand to a full data center monitoring solution, one cabinet at a time. Every computer rack monitored using AKCPro Server. sensorProbe2+ with Modbus RS485 port the sensorProbe2+ becomes a Modbus to SNMP gateway.

  • IP based, including SNMPv3, HTTPS, VPN

  • Send encrypted SNMP Trap and Email Notifications

  • Supports 4 Intelligent Sensors or up to 20 Dry Contacts

  • Optional cellular modem with external antenna

  • Optional Expansion Module connectivity

  • Virtual Sensors

  • Optional Modbus / Canbus

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The latest generation of sensorProbe devices, in a form factor that allows for 1U, 0U and DIN rail mounting. A low profile design that is economical on cabinet space. sensorProbeX+ comes in several standard configurations, or can be customized by choosing from a variety of modules such as dry contact inputs, IO’s, internal modem, analog to digital convertors, internal UPS and additional sensor ports.

Every sensorProbeX+ is equipped with Ethernet, Modbus RS485, EXP and BEB communications

  • Compatible with sensorProbeX+ EXP and BEB units, expand the capabilities of your device.

  • 1U rackmount brackets, Tool-less 0U mounting or DIN rail mounting options.

  • Notification by SNMP, Email, SMS (requires optional cellular modem), built in buzzer.

  • Compatible with wide range of AKCP Intelligent sensors.

  • Start with base configuration and build up your device with modules you need.

  • Up to 80 virtual sensors.

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securityProbe 5ES-X20

Monitor the physical environment and receive alerts of any disturbances, such as unauthorized intruders, security breaches, high temperatures, smoke, water leakages, power outages and more.

  • Embedded web server displays sensor information and live video from connected cameras

  • Control PTDZ cameras directly from the web interface

  • Record digital video to remote servers or internal memory, or send live images to your own website

  • Connect Digital Cameras, and simultaneously display images up to 640×480 resolution

  • Receive notifications of anomalous events via email, SMS / MMS, SNMP traps, and many more

  • Integrates with network management systems via SNMPv1 and Encrypted SNMPv3

  • Stream video and sensor information directly to your cellphone or PDA

  • Ability to connect external GPRS / GSM modem, Bluetooth and WiFi USB adapters

  • Uses Linux operating system for maximum stability and flexibility

  • Virtual Sensors monitor power, Modbus, network devices, and other SNMP based equipment

  • Built-in graphing and data logging, internally or to a remote PC

  • Platform independent; free firmware upgrades and utilities from AKCP

  • Monitor up to 500 intelligent sensors using expansion modules ( E-Opto 16 and E-Sensor 8 )

  • Compatible with complete range of AKCP Intelligent Sensors

  • Full Modbus support : Modbus Master / Slave, Modbus RTU, Modbus over TCP / IP

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sensorProbe2+ LCD

The sensorProbe2+ LCD (SP2+LCD) is based on our popular SP2+ device. Equipped with 4 sensor ports, a dry contact I/O it is ideal for server rooms and monitring of individual racks. Connect any AKCP intelligent sensor such as thermal maps, sensor status light, contactless current meters and water leak detection. Mounted on the front, or with a 45° bracket on the top of your rack, the LCD vides a visual display of all sensor status and values.
The SP2+LCD comes PoE built in as standard, the additional 5VDC USB power input can be used as the primary source of power with PoE as backup power.

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Environmental Sensor for Data Centers

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Temperature Monitoring


Water Leak Detection


Power Monitoring


Temperature Monitoring

High temperatures in your rack are a serious problem, and can cause major downtime. Monitor your room temperature, CRAC units and cabinet temperatures. Thermal map sensors give you a detailed view of the front and rear temperatures as well as the ΔT front to rear temperature differential.

Water Leak Detection

Monitor for water leaks around your chillers, and under raised access flooring. Spot water sensors and rope water sensors are available. Locate type rope water sensors can tell you the precise location of the leak.

Main Line Power

Monitor 1ph or 3ph power. Power Meters can be installed at mainline power intake, as well as at branch level, allowing you to monitor power consumption at multiple locations through its distribution. Monitoring of mainline power is required for PUE calculations.

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Access Control

  • Unlock doors remotely using software control.

  • Connect a wide variety of electronic lock types.

  • Expand using AKCP’s Door or Cabinet Expansion Modules.

  • In / Out EM Card Reader ports granting one or two-way access control.

  • Connect up to two USB Fingerprint Readers for high-security applications.

  • Time and Attendance integration with AKCPro Server.

  • Embedded web server displays sensor information. AKCPro Server (included free of charge) can be used to view connected cameras.

  • Control PTDZ cameras from AKCPro Server.

  • Record digital video to remote servers or picture logs to internal memory. Alternatively, send live images to your own website or FTP.

  • Receive notifications of anomalous events via email, SMS / MMS, SNMP traps, and many more.

  • Integrates with network management systems via SNMPv1 and Encrypted SNMPv3.

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